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A lot of young people just live by the day without really discovering, understanding and maximizing their potentials. Our aim at the Deroots Initiative is to build the minds of these people, hence making them relevant and useful to their society. Our message anchors on personal development, building great social skills, spiritual development, academic & professional progress, emotional development, sex and relationship talks among young people.


We have the pure passion to see young people grow well with knowledge in different areas of life into proper, decent and successful adults. We intend to educate, inspire, encourage and correct them. Our goal is the youth, to assist in making good decisions towards advancement in their careers and relationships especially.


We create enabling platform where high flying adolescents are able to positively shape their peers into being of good account because we understand that peer pressure is the highest drive of adolescents, and we’ll rather they channel it positively.

To be the number one company in Nigeria then Africa preparing , impacting and strengthening the mind of the young person to become better citizens thereby positioning them for global success.

To Build the mind of the young person with educative, corrective, interesting and enlightening information transforming them into total and complete adults.

How do we intend to carry out our mission? Through books, magazines, radio & TV programs , internet , seminars and training. Over the last ten years, we have done a number of seminars and talk-shows dealing with and discussing issues on sex and relationships, how to be successful in life (habits of successful people), making good career choices and so on.


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Have have you contributed to your society lately? We would love you to fill the Deroots Initiative youth survey to help pin point the issues young people in Nigeria are currently facing. Deroots Initiative is an organization that aims to improve and influence teenagers and youths positively.

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These projects are set up to inspire, educate and challenge them to improve  on themselves and go forth to be change agents in the environment where they live.


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